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Ven a Ecuador

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About Us

VENAEcuador is an organization that works exclusively in Ecuador. We were born here, we live here and that is why we really make the difference!! We know what places need your volunteer work. It doesn’t matter how much time you have to spend: A year, 2 months, 10 days! We have programs to fit your schedule, and your budget!!.

We believe that everyone needs an experience that can completely and forever change the way they see themselves and the world.

VENAEcuador has every type of program and placement: volunteer work and internships in  teaching ,orphanages, day care centers, animal rescue centers, medicine, journalism, photography, documentary filming, etc; all of these jobs will give you the opportunity to really enjoy what you are doing.

Our objective is to expand your knowledge of the Ecuadorian culture and people, improve your fluency in the Spanish language and pair you with a program that is fulfilling for you.

VENAEcuador: Our mission as a legal and nonprofit foundation of social service is to simultaneously assist the country of Ecuador by offering different kinds of aid service, guide our volunteers by linking them to programs and organizations that need their assistance and skills.  We seek the help of all volunteers who are interested in sharing their time, knowledge and experience to cover all the openings in our projects, volunteering jobs, internships, and study abroad programs. This program is for everyone who wishes to have a real experience working directly with the Ecuadorian communities. Therefore we put a high value on placing volunteers with hospitable Ecuadorian families and providing multiple opportunities for participants to increase their Spanish language skills. Through this incredible experience, we help our volunteers embark on journeys of learning, challenges, and personal growth. We are confident that each volunteer will complete the program with many new character attributes, like becoming stonger, and more compassionate.  This experience will have an incredible impact on every aspect of their lives. Volunteer Experience National Ayuda in Ecuador VENAEcuador: is there for our volunteers every step of the way providing 24 hour on-site coordinator assistance. We welcome individuals 18 years and older and individuals or groups under 18 accompanied by a legal guardian, tutor, or an authorized adult. We offer equal opportunity to all regardless their ethnicity, religion,  gender, or country of origin.


24 hours coordinator assistance 

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Psje Andres F. Cordova N-24-117 y Jose Berrutieta
Sector "La Gasca"
Quito - Ecuador
Phone: 59323202033
Cell: 59393459111
Local Phone(US):