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In Ecuador, like any other South American Country there are a lot of homeless children who don´t have parents or any other relatives to take care of them.  There are some children who live with one of their parents only, subsisiting on a very low income since their parents are unemployed or work ocassionally and many of them are also alcoholics, drug users or are in jail.

These parents send their kids to the streets to beg for money, sell lottery tickets and candy so that they can have  money for drugs or alcohol.

These kids have no education because they don´t have the time or the money to go school, even worse someone who will encourage them to study and think of a better future.

But there are a lot of orphanages and non-profit organizations that offer a roof, food, clothing and education for these children for free.

The people in charge of these centers have so much to do!! They specially need help with what the kids really need, that is: a smile, a hug, help with their homework, someone to play with, etc. you will see how happy they get with these demonstrations of love, and your soul will gain something very valuable, the satisfaction of feeling useful to those in need.

Placements are arranged in advance.


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Psje Andres F. Cordova N-24-117 y Jose Berrutieta
Sector "La Gasca"
Quito - Ecuador
Phone: 59323202033
Cell: 59393459111
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