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The needs of the communities are the same as of any other country in South America.

The basic needs are education, health and food.

In order to provide these priorities, classrooms, medical centers, and roads are needed.           

Ecuador is a country in need of much help which makes social work possible in communities everywhere. Needed services include:
  • Additional classrooms in schools with overcrowding
  • Homes for old and young people
  • Local and ecological routes
  • Reforestations,
All these projects are designed to be accomplished in periods with low costs shared by a team of two or more volunteers who can build by themselves. This will be a rich experience because the volunteers will participate in every  steps, starting with the purchase of the building materials and working together with community neighbors and Authorities.

This is a minimum security youth correctional facility for boys aged 12-18, located in North Quito. The young men spend their time--ranging from a few months to a maximum of four years--in various vocational shops, academic classes, and playing sports in the enclosed courtyards.

This youth correctional facility encourages the youth to develop responsible social skills, academic competence and practical work experience. With a staff of approximately 35 individuals, the priests, psychologists, teachers and security guards offer a comprehensive approach to social development and personal pride.

If you feel that you can help these young people, this is your place. 

If you need more information.
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