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VENAEcuador works with one of the biggest organizations of Native Indian´s communities which is dedicated to the conservation, ecological management, health research and community development in all regions of Ecuador.

This confederation was born 36 years ago and it is dedicated to the organization process.

This organization has departments which specialize in reforestation initiatives, agricultural ecology, developed through the collaboration of biologists, local farmers, and authorities.

You can also work in these departments: laws, communication, leadership training, education, computing, and a lot more on the 18 provinces of the 22 there are located on the regions coast, Andes and Amazonas, reforestation projects, environmental education programs, developing and developing organic and sustainable farming practices.

In addition, this Indian organization built several rural schools and has a headquarter base in the middle of the Amazon region and they work for all the communities that are affected by the oilseed of the big international petroleum companies.

Also they promote along with the Ecuadorian Congress new laws to help their communities, through educational programs such as nutritional training, environmental education, agro forestry, health programs, and handicraft production.

On the dry forest you can help develop and carry out conservation initiatives.

The Quichua communities have handicraft stores in Quito and all around the Indian market places in Ecuador.

Galapagos Islands, 1000 km off the west coast of Ecuador, where you´ll find the unique wildlife inspired Charles Darwin's to write his bestseller book.

You will stay at a biological research station dedicated to replanting the Isabela highlands with native plant species that have become rare as introduced exotics have started to take over the islands.





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