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In Ecuador like at any other place of South America the illegal trafficking of wild animals is a billion dollar business.

Thousands of primates, birds, and reptiles are captured in Ecuador and smuggled to North America and Europe to be sold as pets.

The Ecuadorian government makes every attempt to curtail this trade, making numerous raids and arrests, and confiscating animals.

After being confiscated, the animals must go to a rescue center for rehabilitation and reintroduction into their natural habitats.

We work with a rescue center outside Quito and Amazonas Rain Forest which accepts animals confiscated by the Ministry of Environment and the local police, the center houses around 50 animals.

Typical animals include Andean spectacled bears, pumas, ocelots, jaguars, giant Galapagos Tortoises, kinkajous, porcupines, coatis, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, woolly monkeys, boa constrictors, parrots, Andean eagles, hawks, wild ducks, and deer.

Since the goal of the center is to rehabilitate the animals as quickly as possible, there is a constant flow of animals coming into and leaving the center.

Usually about 75% of the animals can be completely rehabilitated and set free. The remaining animals must stay at the center and are placed in the least restrictive environment possible.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute to the rehabilitation program. They are responsible for feeding, cleaning and repairing enclosures, helping to build new enclosures, and improving existing facilities to provide a more natural environment for the animals.

animal rescue
animal rescue

animal rescue
animal rescue

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