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Galápagos Islands known as "The Enchanting Islands" are located approximately 1000 km to the west of the continental coast. This entire gamma of fauna and flora has received worldwide attention since the visit of the British scientist Charles Darwin who advanced his theories of Evolution here and then published his book "On the Origin of Species".
A trip around Ecuador is not complete if you do not visit these islands.

Volunteer placements:

  • Animal rescue
  • Day care centers
  • Teaching
  • Conservation 
  • Ecosystems
  • Senior`s Center
Teaching English in Galápagos is absolutely necessary because it is the most visited touristic region in Ecuador, from a 100% of tourists that Ecuador receives 80% go to Galapagos National Park  so the Ministry of Tourism is interested in providing the tourists with everything they need, specially  with having native people provide help in English in every place they visit like institutions, airports, hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. It is a fact that 90% of the inhabitants in the islands live from the touristic business, evevrybody in the islands dream of a better life, that´s why they are eager to learn to speak English.  This way not only do they raise their income, but also provide the visitors with a better service.

Nevertheless there aren´t too many English teachers in schools and colleges, neither enough money to pay them! Therefore there is a great need for volunteers who would like  to teach English, we have openings on the main islands which are:  Santa Cruz (the main touristic Island),  Isabela is the biggest and offers the most beatifull beaches! and San Cristobal, which is known for the biggest waves! 
Whether you are a professional or a fan of surfing this is the right place!  
Internships placements:
  • Medical
  • Photography
  • Documentary film
  • Journalism


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