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Ibarra - the White City -

It is the capital of Imbabura "The blue province", whose scenic beauty of lagoons, and its natural and cultural surroundings produce in the visitor the feeling of a divine presence, that is constantly designing and drawing harmoniously the spectacular landscapes of the White City.

Ibarra is located in a wide and green valley close to Imbabura Volcano, it is a city of spanish tradition that enjoys of a privileged weather and where you´ll find a variety of cultures and races, this makes the province of Imbabura very rich and unique.

Who arrives to Ibarra will enjoy of a placid and dreamed environment. The parks, plazas, churches, museums, traditional places, lagoons and hills are for the recreation of the mind.  

As you leave Quito and head to Ibarra you´ll pass by Otavalo "indian market", San Pablo Lagoon, Mojanda Lagoon, Cuicocha Lagoon, Yahuarcocha Lagoon, Cotacachi "the leather city" and 40 minutes from Ibarra you will find the Chota valley which is also called the soccer players land.

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