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Pimampiro is a beautiful town located north of the mountain range of Ecuador (many communities live in the valleys below). The Pimampiro habitants have been dedicated to sowing tomato and beans for centuries.
These people are very attached to their ancestral customs such as: respecting the elders, etc. They are very kind and curious.
This little town has Public and Catholic primary schools and high schools which have many needs, but the most urgent one is a home for elderly people.
Currently there are nearly 80 elderly people who live as best they can and eat thanks to the goodness of the President of the Third Age Group who obtains resources from the aid of people in town and provides food at a dining room in a municipal property where the elderly eat at a very low cost but this site is not always available for them.
On 2009 a land of more than 3,000 mts.² (32291 square feet) was donated by a prosperous  inhabitant of Pimampiro with a good heart, in this land a center for them will be built.
Also a Ladies Association obtained a donation from Canada Foundation to equip the future center with all the necessary items, but first it is indispensable to finish the construction of the center.

Building Project # 1:
First stage:
Removing the rubbish and leveling the land according to the designed plans.
Cost: USD $

Second stage: Brick closing
Cost: USD $

Third stage: Grounding for the columns
Cost: USD $

Volunteering Activities:
  • Teaching English in schools and high schools
  • Helping to take care of the elderly



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Psje Andres F. Cordova N-24-117 y Jose Berrutieta
Sector "La Gasca"
Quito - Ecuador
Phone: 59323202033
Cell: 59393459111
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