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"The Land of Flowers and Fruits"

Ambato is the capital of the Tungurahua province located in the middle region of Ecuador.

Besides being known as "The Land of Flowers and Fruits" it is also acknowledged as "The Garden of Ecuador" thanks to its pleasant weather and the fact that during the whole year it is possible to find a great variety of fruits in the markets around the city.

The city is famous for the "Flower and Fruits Festival", which is the most important event of Ambato held in mid february, among many other events like the bull festival.

In spite of the antique areas, Ambato is nowadays a beautiful modern city that is also an important support in the economic development of the country because compared to its size it holds a big quantity of industries and handicraft companies.

Volunteer placementes:
  • Teaching English in:
  • primary schools and high schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Orphanages


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