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Puerto López is close to Machalilla National Park and holds a beautiful beach. From here depart the boats to "De la Plata Island" located across Puerto Cayo and tours to the hunchbacked whale watching.

If it is hunchbacked whale season you will be able to see this wonderful show when you ride on a boat from Puerto Lopez to "De la Plata Island".

Machalilla National Park is an attractive natural park that combines deserts, rainforest, beaches, islands and coral reefs.

Machalilla has an important and fabulous example of sea and earth species; the Park is a true natural museum of the precolombian history of Ecuador and Southamerica.

In this area many touristic sites have been found containing arqueological evidence of the most important cultures of the ecuadorian coast, such as Valdivia, a culture which is possibly the oldest human settlement in South America; these discoveries had proved that the Machalilla area was a very important business marine center for the whole region.  All this makes it one of the most visited national parks of Ecuador.
Puerto Lopez has continental territory that is close to Salango Island, de la Plata Island and some little islands you can visit.

You can volunteer in:
  • teaching English in schools
  • working at Machalilla National Park
  • doing an internship in a medical center


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