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This beautiful beach on the blue coast of Ecuador is located one hour and a half from the city of Guayaquil.

During the journey, you can appreciate a variety of landscapes and color shades that change abruptly once you reach the beach.

On the road you can observe typical towns of the coast region. Salinas has a very high quality infrastructure and offers all types of services.

Here you will have the opportunity to play sports like fishing, surfing, wind surfing, and water skiing.

It is the most important turistic center of Santa Elena. The Salinas beaches are considered as the best ones in Ecuador.

The habitants make a living of tourism and fish business. You can find nice hotels, restaurants, bars and discoteques.

You can volunteer in:
  • rainforests
  • teaching english in grade schools and high schools
  • day care centers
  • medical internships


Psje Andres F. Cordova N-24-117 y Jose Berrutieta
Sector "La Gasca"
Quito - Ecuador
Phone: 59323202033
Cell: 59393459111
Local Phone(US):