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Cuenca "The Athenas of Ecuador"

It is known as such because of the high cultural level of the inhabitants.

This city is on top of the antique inca city of Tomebamba, the place where Huyana Capac was born. He was the most famous chief of Tahuantisuyo (an empire that occupied the coast of the South American continent) and son of king Tupac Yupanqui, he decided to settle down in this place for political reasons and of course for the beauty of the place.
The good weather, the beautiful natural landscapes, the abundance of water and the wellknown fame of the habitants due to their skills in pottery and blacksmithing, determined the arrival of the first europeans to this place, who established a town at the begining of XVI century.

The UNESCO declared Cuenca as a World Cultural Heritage Site on December 1999. Famous for its art and history, Cuenca has an old Spanish colonial flair. You can have guided tour visits to the beautiful marble Cathedral as well as the colourful, more intimate Indian Cathedral directly across the plaza.

Volunteer placements:

  • Teaching English in:
  • grade schools and high schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Orphanages


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