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Sucumbios " Lago Agrio"

The official name of Lago Agrio is "Nueva Loja" and it´s the capital of the province of Sucumbíos located near the colombian border.

The name Lago Agrio comes from the first oil company "Sour Lake" which exploited the crude reserves in the Ecuadorian jungle.

Lago Agrio has about 26,000 habitants and is an access point to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

Besides being an oil town usually frequented by workers from the oil companies, it is also well known for the existence of a lot of bars, discos, hotels and restaurants.

The main street is called Avenida Quito.  Just like everywhere else in Ecuador you can find everything you need here.  
Because of the conditions in which some of the oil companies exploit petroleum a portion of the natural flora and fauna around Lago Agrio have been destroyed. The presence of the oil industry in the Amazonas region has enormously affected the life style of the indigenous population forcing them to emigrate to other places.

The most important native communities from this region are: The Secoya, Cofan, and Siona Indians.

Occasionally you´ll see them wearing their traditional dresses when they come to town for some food supplies.

Volunteer placements:
  • Teaching English in Amazonas community´s schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Community Health
  • Reforestation
  • Photography
  • Documentary film
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