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Ven a Ecuador

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Capital of the Pastaza province, it is located in the middle of the ecuadorian Amazonas Rainforest.

Puyo has many natural wonders that amaze natives and foreigns.

The inhabitants are dedicated to fishing and looking for gold. The land is dense and people move around only in little wooden botes, many times being adventorous trips.

In this land live native communities such as: the shuars, huaoranis, alamas, and two communities in danger of extinction : zaparos and shimigaes.

From Puyo long walks tthrough the thick jungle can be done, in which you are able to play with vejucos (vines), cross through suspended bridges and tarabitas (cable cars), and smell the tipical aroma of the dense vegetation.

Puyo constitutes the access door to the forest, its name comes from the word quichua "puyo" that means fog.

Known as the Heart of the Amazonia it is a significative economical progress center of commerce of local products: sugar cane, naranjilla, tea, coffe, yucca, etc and also a privileged place to rest, where it´s possible to hear and feel the forest while you walk through it in no danger.

Volunteer placements:

  • Teaching English in Amazonas community´s schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Community Health
  • Reforestation
  • Photography
  • Documentary filming
Projects: (3 projects)


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Quito - Ecuador
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