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Ven a Ecuador

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Community Projects !

As members of a community service Foundation, VENAEcuador volunteers travel around rural areas, learning about our communities and their special needs in the areas of Education, Health, Nutrition, and others related to children’s issues.


VENAEcuador volunteers have the opportunity to work along with community members on many projects! For example building better libraries, remodeling classrooms, patching school roofs, paving school play areas, remodeling children’s day care centers, completing projects to provide clean water, etc!


Future VENAEcuador volunteers are very welcome to contribute with their time and knowledge, join our staff in working in these projects, or visit our work sites at any time.







VENAEcuador uses 75% of the administration programs fees to cover projects expenses, and provide priority items such as medicines, clothing, books, and other educational materials, etc.



VENAEcuador members are greatly appreciative of all the volunteers who have made the decision to travel with our program! And help make our partner communities´ dreams come true! These beautiful projects would not be possible without your help.

Muchas Gracias!      God bless all of you!
















community projects

community projects

community projects

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Psje Andres F. Cordova N-24-117 y Jose Berrutieta
Sector "La Gasca"
Quito - Ecuador
Phone: 59323202033
Cell: 59393459111
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