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Puerto Viejo

The City of Puerto Viejo is the capital of   Manabí Province, 25 minutes by bus from there is Manta, a very  important port and a touristic attraction, here you´ll find the beautiful Murcielago  beach, native and foreign visitors can also travel to other great  beautiful areas and  beaches like Bahía de Caráquez, Boca Briceño, Canoas, Pedernales y Cojimíes.

Puerto Viejo:   to  Quito       (capital of Ecuador)           351 Km
Puerto Viejo:   to   Manta             ( port  )                     12 Km

Puerto Viejo:   to Santa Ana         (important town)          6 Km
Puerto Viejo:   to    Montecristi     ( Artesian town)         24 Km
Puerto Viejo:   to    Crusita           ( Beatifull beach )       58 Km

Santa Ana

One hour by bus from Puerto Viejo is a beautiful town sorrounded by big mountains and rivers, all around it you see GUADUA cane and other plants that make the area a harmonious places. From Poza Honda until Santa Ana, along the river, many touristic ports are found. The most converged ones are: EL BADEN DE LA PLAZA and the fluvial beach:  LA LUCHA, the spas here offer some rest, peace and recreation.

In Santa Ana many forest resources and water species are well conserved. The reservoir of Poza Honda is an attractive touristic site where you can go sailing in pangas (little boats), during the rides the Guadua cane houses offer an incredible view. The habitants are kind, and eager to help, they work in their lands (huertos) mostly, growing : bananas, cofee and cocoa beans, papayas, pineapples, melons, star fruits, mangos, oranges, etc.  

A 2 hour walk will take you to a site of amazing waterfalls.

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Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

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