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Santo Domingo de los Colorados

Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas (true people or "gente verdadera" )
Located in  Cantón Santo Domingo 
Native language: Tisafique, official language: Spanish
332.000 inhabitantes- Altitude: 622 mts above sea level, Temperature:  18 to  25 °C ( 64 to 77 º F)
Santo Domingo de los Colorados is two hours and a half  (130 Km) from Quito the capital of Ecuador. It´s by the Aloag road which is  the main route to the coast region, it is an awesome meandering road with bends that remind you of a snake, views of fantastic valleys, forests  and elevated trees, and it also passes through  small beautiful villages. 
Palm oil industries, banana and sugar plantations are the most important economical businesses around here. This area also includes a natural and beautiful reservation of 10.500 hectares (25946 acres).
Nicknamed Colorados because the native indigens die their hair red with "achiote" a vegetable dye following an old and unique tradition. Now it is very unlikely that you´ll see them wearing their traditional attire unless there is a special celebration going on which takes place on times like the last 10 weeks of March starting on the 21st when Tsachilas from 7 communities, of a total of 3000 come to the City to celebrate their festivities.

After you enjoy amazing surroundings while traveling for a few hours you will be deligthted with the sight of butterflies, or other activities like bird watching and fishing.
There, magic, tradition, culture and legendaries ceremonies make of Santo Domingo de los C
olorados, land of the Tsachilas a unique delightful paradise!

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Teaching: Schools, colleges
Day care Centers
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Human Rights
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Santo Domingo de los Colorados

Sto. Domingo de los Colorados

Sto. Domingo de los Colorados

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