How much Spanish do you speak?
Did you learn Spanish in  high school or college?

Did you once know a great deal of Spanish but never spoke the language well beacause you were afraid to look bad or  forgot  what you learned?
Don’t worry about any of these situations!!!

VENAEcuador - Volunteer Experience National Ayuda in  Ecuador- has professional Ecuadorian Spanish teachers. They will go to your host family’s house to give you one-on one Spanish instruction the best way to learn fast and speak  more fluently.

You will see your Spanish improve from the first lesson.

The Spanish teachers take you to parks, museums, historical centers, churches, etc, so that you can practice speaking and learn more about our people and culture.

These Spanish lessons are very inexpensive because VENAEcuador doesn’t profit from them. We only want to meet you needs and ensure that you have  the most rewarding experience possible. For these reasons we  only employ  the best instructors.

spanish lessons

spanish lessons



USD $6 per hour

  1     to    10  hours  USD   $ 6 per hour
  10   to    20  hours  USD   $ 5 per hour
  20  hours or more   USD   $ 4 per hour
  If you need an extensive Spanish course we are able to arrange it!

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