Internships are for people who want to:

Have the opportunity to make a difference in other people´s lives! Be able to gain more experience, face new challenges and perhaps change your perception of life!
Make new friends, gather new job skills and earn academic credits as well, but most of all open up to new career possibilities.
Increase your skill in speaking Spanish by living with an Ecuadorian family
Gain international working experience!

 Live the experience of an entirely different culture with beautiful traditions!
Be more competitive in today’s job market 

 !Prepare for future employment or residence in another country!  An internship is ideal for professional development. It is an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the professional field you choose by working in a new environment and getting to know different people. 

 Not only will you enjoy yourself and gain a wealth of new experiences, but also greatly enhance your resume!


To have a productive internship it is important that you have at least an intermediate level of Spanish proficiency.

 If you want to increase your knowledge and fluency in Spanish you can click on the link “Spanish Lessons” for more information.